Choose past tense

Use chose to describe a decision that happened in the past, like in the following examples, The contestant chose what was behind door number three. 4th grade

    ما معنى بذل جهد داخلي و وخارجي
  1. More example sentences
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  3. He/She/It will/shall choose
  4. wait → waited → Cinderella waited for a long time for his prince
  5. Main content: Past simple Irregular Verbs
  6. Decide which tense you need to use
  7. The present simple tense is the one you’ll use the most often
  8. Choose the sentence that uses past perfect tense correctly
  9. Synonyms for chose are opted (for), decided (on), picked or selected
  10. ” The verb “to choose” is irregular
  11. Verbs: Past Tense Irregular Choice
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